Personal statement and an admission essay helper

Not many students seeking admission to college can draw the line between a personal statement and an admission essay.  Though the line that separates the two is quite thin, your ability to distinguish between them can create a favorable impression to the reviewing committee and earn you admittance to your dream school while failure to do could mean you losing an admission that you otherwise deserved.  So what is the difference between the two?

Well, it is true that the content of your essay can well match the content of your personal statement in that all they want to know is about you, your interest, and experiences.  But while you may be provided with a specific prompt for the essay, the personal statement should be really personal.  What experiences have you had and what lessons have you learnt from them?  These are some questions that you might want to answer in your personal statement. The tone of your statement has to be personal too.

Admission essays can present a challenge and require careful considerations of the ideas and thoughts you want to put across.  The ultimate goal is to convince the admission committee that you are capable of organizing your ideas and thought into a concrete argument and express them clearly and, therefore, deserve acceptance in their school.  There is, however, no distinct format for writing admission essays; whether for college or graduate application.  Different institution may have varying instruction, but these general admission essay tips might be helpful:

  1. You can tell what inspired you to pursue a particular course
  2. What you expect to gain at the end of your course
  3. Why did you choose that particular institution

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